Executive Business English



You already know how to speak English, you can read emails and reports, you can make yourself understood.

The question is – can you really make English work in your favor?

Can you negotiate, convince, sell your ideas, be persuasive?

Can you really communicate your thoughts?

The Executive Business English class is meant for people who need English not just on the operational level to respond to emails and basic enquiries. It is meant for people on the top levels of hierarchy who need to be eloquent, who lead high level negotiation where it is critical to express the key points in more than one way with confidence.

Not only know WHAT to say but also HOW to say it so that there is no misunderstanding and the explanation is brief and to the point.


The class is a very small size and runs over several months.

The content is flexible based on immediate business needs of the participants.


Key focus will be given to:

  • Written English – formal communication, clear and comprehensive structure,  correct use of professional terminology
  • Presentation skills – effective slide design, engaging audience, handling questions, deffering irrelevant comments etc.
  • Negotiation skills – dynamic of negotiation, practical phrases for each milestone, argument preparation
  • Casual communication – conversation starters, small talk, quick introductions, changing the subject
  • Persuasion skills – alternative ways to communicate benefits or reasons to proceed, reaction to rejection, using leading questions etc.


Optional topics include:

  • multicultural communication
  • virtual communication
  • international team management
  • conflict resolution
  • performance feedback preparation
  • research and report writing and others...


The class can also be run in the form of facilitated discussion about current management trends such as employee engagement, organizational culture or social media. This would require the participants to research and prepare the topics prior to the class.


The class is highly interactive and includes out-of-class preparation.

Class size should not be bigger than 5, available also at individual level.